Our Woopi Sessions

Elevate your performance with Star-Athletics' dynamic training sessions. Enhance your child's speed with focused sprints, strengthen their core and strength for optimal power, boost agility for team sports, and build endurance through engaging and enjoyable workouts.

Heather will guide each child through the session, providing personalized attention and motivation to help them achieve their fitness goals. Whether they're a seasoned athlete or just starting their fitness journey, our programs cater to all levels of ability and experience. Join us at Star-Athletics and experience the thrill of pushing your child's limits, improving skills, and getting fit for the race.

Unleash your potential, surpass your expectations, and elevate your athletic performance with us.

Term 1 runs for 10 or 11 weeks from Monday 29th & Wednesday 31st of January, with the last week of training on the 8th and 10th of April. Monday sessions will not have training on Easter Monday, the 1st of April, making it a 10 week term.

If it is your child first time, Monday the 29th will be a free trial session and payment for the term will be 9 sessions.If it is your childs first time on the 31st, payment will be for 10 weeks.

Adult sessions, 6 am will be pay-as-you-go

If participating in more than one session a week, a discount will apply. 

Sibling discounts also available. 

Adults and Teens Monday

Monday, 6:007:00

Centennial Oval, Woolgoolga

$5 pay as you go.

8 spots left (20 total)

Join our tailored speed session for older athletes and adults looking to enhance their performance in distances from 1500 meters to marathons. Our session includes a thorough warm-up, focused speed workouts, and a cool-down routine to help you start the week right. Whether you're aiming for a personal best or simply staying active, our program is designed with your needs in mind. Don't forget to prioritize recovery and enjoy the many benefits of an active lifestyle. Let's get started on your journey to better running!

Intervals and Speed Monday

Monday, 7:15 AM8:20PM

Centennial Oval


10 spots left (20 total)

This session complements your regular weekly training routine, focusing on enhancing endurance and speed for athletes. By incorporating this additional session, we ensure overall body development and balanced physical abilities. Contact Heather for pricing details.

Adults and teens Wednesday

Wednesday, 6am7 am

Centennial Oval, Woolgoolga

$5 pay as you go

10 spots left (25 total)

A second speed and aguility session for adults and teenagers in Woopi

Speed and Agility Wednesday

Wednesday, 7:15 AM8:20 AM

Centennial Park, Woolgoolga


5 spots left (20 total)

Boost your child's athletic performance with our before-school Speed and Agility Session at Centennial Oval, Woolgoolga. Designed to target team sport agility and athletic sprints, this engaging session will energize and empower your kids with a convenient school drop-off afterwards. Elevate their abilities today!