Fun-filled athletics in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Mid-North Coast Woopi.

We provide a smooth transition from beginner fun to intermediate, all the way to invitation-only advanced runners. All ages, from pre-school to young adults.

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We are passionate about teaching children and adults a love of running through a dynamic and unique form of training. As running is the foundation of most sports, we strive to bring out the best in each individual.

It's more than running.

A way of life.

Beyond improving performance, we also build confidence, focus and concentration. We firmly believe that a strong mind and fit body are key components to success and happiness in life.

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Our classes for children are aimed at developing good technique and a life-long desire to run and stay fit. By planting the seeds for success through individualised goal-setting, children learn about the pleasure of setting and achieving goals – all within a safe, monitored framework.

Teenagers, whose bodies and brains are going through tremendous physical and chemical changes throughout adolescence, benefit from physical challenges that either sharpen their existing sporting skills or establish the fitness foundation that they may not yet have developed.

Achieving personal bests in a social environment outside their usual circle of friends and school peers is very motivating.

Come join the fun - we're looking forward to meeting you!

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See what our community has to say about Star Athletics

“My kids have been running with Star Athletics for over a year now and have loved it. Their technique and speed always improving. Thanks Heather!”

Ben Kohonen

“Heather is wonderful with the children, they all love and adore her. She is full of energy and very professional, her effective training methods are fun for the kids and gives results. I will give her 5 star and more ✨️ ♥️ ”

Navida Besodi

“My children enjoy running because of Heather. Not only does she make it fun, she also teaches them skills and techniques to help them improve. Highly recommend Heather as a Coach. ”

sheryl salvatera

“Star Athletics is the ultimate running community for kids. Not only does it teach the very best in running (short and long distance) it creates a wealth of knowledge in the kids about the importance of being active, being fair and celebrating everyone. We love our Tuesday Run Club and cannot thank Kirsten enough for her continued dedication and passion to our kids and their running.”

Collaroy Local

“Heather and Kirsten are fabulous. My son loves running and they have helped him love running even more whilst teaching him some great skills to participate in racing. Their training is a lot of fun and they are incredibly dedicated to the kids. ”

Nicky Hammond

“I can’t speak highly enough of Heather and Star Athletics, they are the absolute best. My daughter has been training with Heather for a few years now and thanks to her, she has not only improved a huge amount but her love for running has just kept growing. Heather is such an amazing role model and genuinely cares about all of the kids she coaches - and they ALL adore her. Thank you Heather!”


“Star Athletics has been fantastic for my son. Kirsten and Heather are wonderful coaches, patient and encouraging. Classes are always fun and the school holiday activities are both are a real hit with my son. ”

Fiona Walsh

“My daughter absolutely loves running with Star Athletics. She has grown in confidence and ability since joining the team. ”

Nicola Mater

“The most incredible coaching! My three boys thrived under Heather’s expert guidance AND they loved every minute of it! Thank you ”

Wendy Madden

“We were so lucky to come across Heather as a coach. My son needed coaching on running technique and speed to assist with his basketball and AFL (especially as he has suffered from Severs in the past). Heather is beyond amazing, with her expert guidance he has improved enormously and to date has had no injuries in his games thanks to her educating him on the importance of warming-up properly and stretching. We are so grateful to have Heather as a coach, her passion, drive and expert knowledge is just a bonus to how beautifully she interacts with all the kids she coaches. They adore her!”

Lisa Smith

“My son who hates running is obsessed with this after school activity! Kirsten makes it such a fun experience! ”

Sasha Kempen